Lamar Consultancy brings professionals, partner recruitment agencies and clients together.  We can do without the impressive stories. We prefer a no-nonsense approach.

The typical Lamar candidate is known for his high-quality work and flexibility. On top of that, he is a team player with a strong personality. Someone who really enjoys his profession.

Lamar Consultancy strives to make a match within 48 hours. The secrets of our success? Short communication lines, a high involvement level with our clients as well as our candidates, an extensive database and a heavy dose of experience and professional knowledge.

“Extremely professional, somewhat headstrong and a surprisingly good match with our vacancies. That would be the best way to describe the candidates presented to us by Lamar Consultancy. At Lamar, they actually listen to your specific requirements.”
[HR Consultant at Getronics Consulting, client]

“In spite of the often very short time frames, Lamar Consultancy is surprisingly successful at making the exact right match. They do not merely look for candidates with the necessary diplomas, but at the same time try to find the perfect fit when it comes to character.”
[Sr. Recruiter at Michael Baileys Associates, partner]

“Lamar Consultancy is genuinely dedicated to its professionals. This creates an environment of trust, which I believe to be essential in these times! Lamar adds a personal touch to doing business and truly enriches your network.”
[Nathan Versnel, professional]